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Who is Washbelly? Washbelly is Michael Perridge, creative professional, artist, designer, maker, certainly contrarian, possibly autistic, but most accurately, washbelly.

Michael Perridge is the name given me by my parents. But for a turn of fate I might have been James or even Emily. I am Michael Perridge.

I earn a meagre crust artworking. Have done for ten years or so. I work alone. I am a creative professional.

I make things you can look at. It's not always pretty but it is art. I am an artist.

Sometimes my artworking and my art meet in the middle and I produce graphic design. I am a designer.

I like surface texture and objects in the round. I like to make things. I am a maker.

I'll always take the contrary view. I am a contarian.

I have a few issues which may or may not be related to autism. I'm too old for a diagnosis but I exist on a spectrum.

Washbelly is the last child out of a woman. The runt of the litter. A person made out of the left-overs. The scraps. The wash of the belly. I am Washbelly.

Here you can find the work I select as being the best of what I do. Here you'll find everything I do, good or bad. Naturally I aim to produce more of the former than of the latter but there are no guarantees in life or art.

Visit my main portfolio site:

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I occasionally pin things on Pinterest: Washbellyart
I grab things offa Tumbler now and then: Washbelly

I don't do Facebook. No one should do Facebook. Ever.

Is Google+ a thing?

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