Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Portrait Artist of the Year (S3, E5)

Sky Art's Portrait Artist of the Year threw us a curve ball last night by having an amateur winner of the latest episode. I think the judges had fallen in love with Ross McAuley's submission piece and were a bit snooty about the illustrative qualities of some of the other artists, but, despite Rick Wakeman's enormous nose (top) ...

Professional Lya Nagado (middle) demonstrated how it is somewhat unfair to judge an artist using only one piece since her own style had shifted dramatically away from her sober and accomplished miniture submission. Amateur Liam Dickinson's rendering of one Hairy Biker's beard (btm) sabotaged his final piece. Two great runners up and any one of the final three could have got through tio the semi-finals.

The real 'one that got away' however was Stephen Teeuw (below) who took on a drypoint etching of the most difficult sitter while being a perfectly decent painter. This artist should have made the final, never mind the semis. While the likeness wasn't entirely there, what a risk to take!

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