Tuesday, 31 January 2017

This Is The Chance of a Lifetime

This is the Chance of a Lifetime

Mixed Media Collage 
21x30x2 (cm) 
8x12x1 (ins)

Here is a survivor of the great recycling cull of 2017. The least worst of the worst. Most times I'll miss the usual targets, resonance, meaning, profundity and get the expected mess. Other times I might just accidentally hit on a pleasing arrangement of colour and tone. Yeah, that's right, it ends up being decorative! Jeez. Well, that's my opinion. Your mileage may vary. It's not like decoration is a crime or anything, but you must know that's not really my thing. Of course if I ever should try to achieve something that could be described as decorative on purpose then naturally I'd find a way of fucking that up. It's my contrariness that won't allow for pleasing.

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