Wednesday, 23 August 2017

High Art Low Art

"What's that odor? It smells like--" That's right! It smells like low art. As a counterpoint to the high art post just posted I'm reviving my old 'Panel Peculiar' posts that throw the spotlight on comic books artist of yore (or rather their work). I'm not interested in the artist, the comicbook, or the narrative, oh no. I am interested in the lack of narrative forced on the single frame by me. Or the new narrative you will have to impose upon this frame (taking for granted that you've not seen the preceeding or succeeding one). I wish I hadn't seen some of them myself.

Anyway, what IS that odor? Smells like TEEN SPIRIT ta me!

Woman Waking Up

Anthony Caro - Woman Waking Up - 1955

Thought I'd share a few pieces of my favourite artworks! This has body. It IS a body! Texture, weight, form. What more do you want? More to follow.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Back to the Library

My library (as I like to think of it) is like everything else in my life. It gets trimmed back regularly. I want to see everything, but I only want to keep the essential bits.

We have here:
A Close Look at Magazines and Comics - E.W. Hildick - 1966
Magazines Teenagers Read - Connie Alderson - 1968
Boys Will Be Boys - E.S.Turner 1962 (1975)
The Complete Catalogue of British Comics - Denis Gifford - 1985

Only the E.S. Turner survives. I have two copies and yes it is that good. That's the modern revision above. I also have the earlier hardback. The other three are of little use to anyone. The Hildick is rudimentary. The Alderson Scholarly. The Gifford is incomplete and the prices by now ridiculous.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Off the Shelf

While I'm working on something else, I thought I'd share this image from my own collection. I cannot resist the work of Dudley D Watkins, in my opinion the greatest comic strip artist of all time. The obvious points in his favour being that his work was always of the same consistent high standard, a beautiful clean line style the envy of any European practitioner, and even his subject matter, always wholesome fare, moral and conservative (everything I should dislike). He had a strong work ethic, but was immensely talented anyway and wasn't ashamed of his strong faith which led him to do much work for free in aid of his Christian beliefs. Indeed, the first comics I came into contact with may well have been his Warrior Gang stories, distributed for pennies (or for free, I can't quite remember) at evangelical Sunday Schools across the land. Legend has it that he had two boards to work at one holding his current drawing and the other his bible open to study. I certainly don't hold that against him. He was at least true to himself. I believe Herge gets more credit because he created a single world beating character in Tintin. Watkins triumphs are more parochial. Well, I am who I am.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Class Act

I get a kick out of this every time, so I share it here with you dear reader. Of course, you might not know the subject, but in that case just think yourself lucky. Copyright naturally belongs to Private Eye. I have long since cancelled my subscription in disgust, outrage or somesuch.

Saturday, 19 August 2017


Someone was trying to make me feel more comfortable about the long trip north. Scots humour! This was back in the 90s - it's a lot better now. They use guns.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Criminal Avatar

I'm wasting your time. And mine. I'm going through the archives again and deleting, deleting, deleting ...
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